About Jen

jen4Jen Haugland is a breath of fresh air, with a genuine heart for people, uniquely honest vocals, and thoughtful, touching lyrics.

A singer/songwriter, keyboardist and speaker, she weaves her love of music and her professional career as a mental health counselor, along with her personal testimony of God’s faithfulness in her own life. Her music ministry is an expression of hope and healing to those who are hurting in a world of uncertain times.

An Honorable Mention of the Cindy Wilt Colville Award for Excellence in Songwriting (2014), Jen has released two healing music projects, Your Love Comes After Me and Where I Am, plus additional singles, A Still and Quiet Night (Christmas-Empty Nest) and The Monster Just Outside (Sexual Abuse). Jen continues to remain active in her gift of songwriting and keeps working hard at putting music out.

Jen also was trained in worship leading and was active in church worship teams for over 14 years. In the past, she worked with Branon Dempsey, founder of Worship Team Training, Inc., as the Ministry Mentoring Program Coordinator/Event Assistant and Worship Mentor to help equip and encourage church worship teams in their worship ministries.

She has a Master of Science Degree in Counseling Psychology and has worked in the behavioral and mental health fields for over 20 years. She is dual-licensed in the states of WA & TN, and is currently a Military and Family Life Counselor serving military personnel and their families.

A devoted follower of Christ, Jen has been married to the same husband twice for 30 years: a testimony to the power of Christ’s love to experience reconciliation and healing from divorce. She is a mom of two adult, married daughters, and an adult son.

Jen tours on occassion when she has time off from work and is ready to collaborate with you for your next event.

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