A Still and Quiet Night

Reflections at Christmastime can find us missing the past when our children were little. But we can build new memories in the “here and now” moments with what remains…”faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.” (1 Corinthians 13:3)

Written by Jen Haugland and Eric Copeland, producer and president of Creative Soul Records, and Creative Soul Jazz. Arrangement and production by the Nashville contemporary jazz session group Player A.

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Quotes about “A Still and Quiet Night” and Jen Haugland

“My songwriter friend, Jen Haugland, wrote this lovely Christmas song. I love how she took a fresh new encouraging approach at what it can be like when the kids grow up and leave the house and all that is left is a still and quiet night with just the parents.” -Lara Marriott

“I just heard it and purchased on iTunes. Sweet song. Wishing my friend Jen Haugland the very best.” – Sharon Janssen

“Jen Haugland’s songwriting is very strong as a clear lyrical voice is established. Haugland displays a good sense of melody and does not necessarily default to obvious chord voicing and progressions”…”Lyrics of encouragement and hope are that much more effective contrasted with the pathos of pain. I really DO appreciate the fact that Haugland doesn’t avoid the deeper, darker subjects that are a part of the life of us all, Christian or not.” – Excerpt from “Where I Am” Review by Shawn McLaughlin, Christian Musician July/August 2014 Issue