So excited to share with you my new release, Near. Near is a slow, but upbeat and positive, contemporary Christian, acoustic-pop song, co-written by myself & and prolific Nashville songwriter, Joe Beck.

The song is about how God is near to the brokenhearted, even when we face things out of left field in which we have no control over. It doesn’t matter how far away you feel or go from God, He is always guiding you…forever holding you. His love gives you enough strength to pull yourself together and go one breath farther, because He is always near.

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I was so honored to be interviewed live today on RacMan Christian Radio Program’s Artist Spotlight with Jesse Martin. If you would like to hear it again, you can hear it tonight or tomorrow morning. After that, it will be available on On Demand. I will keep you posted with that link when it comes out!

(From RacMan Christian Radio): Wow! What a night! Right now, more new music. We are done for the live show, if you missed it, please come back at 9 pm PST/11pm CST for the replay of our interview/fellowship with Jen Haugland Music:

Tune in TONIGHT at 9 p.m. Pacific Time/11 p.m. Central Time

The interview has now been archived here:



More Airtime for Deep Into You

“Deep Into You” from the Where I Am album, continues to get live air time on WWIP 89.1 FM in Virginia Beach, VA on the former Creatures Cafe Radio Show. They now have a new program name, day and time slot! But you can still catch them online if you don’t live in the area!

90indie Minutes Radio Show

Wednesdays 8-9:30 ET

See the promo video (see if you can find me in there!):

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 6.01.15 PM

Women of Substance Radio is debuting my song, So Hard To Find, from my album “Where I Am” this whole week (1/5/15). Here is the WOS Playlist so you know when to listen in! Be sure to vote a “thumbs up” when you hear it! I am #9 out of 17 on the list.

Listen here: Women of Substance Radio

Showtime: 5 p.m. ET/2 p.m. PT


A Still and Quiet Night co-written with my producer Eric Copeland of Creative Soul Records is going to get more spin time (x 2) on a Jazz Christmas radio show out of Las Vegas Christmas morning! What will be special about this one, is that my grownup kids: Jessica (Haugland) Sampson and Rachel (Haugland) Sallee, will be featured in a couple of voiceovers from when they were little (4-1/2 y.o. and 1-1/2 y.o.) when I used to co-host AM Jazz in the Four Corners with my friend Ric Gould back in 1992.

FYI: “Rambies” = Reindeer Bambi’s…tune in and you will see what I mean! 😉

16th Annual Ric & Jackie Christmas Day Show (6 a.m. – 12 p.m. PT)
Playlist for THURSDAY, DEC 25TH:

They will spin the song twice. These times could change +/- a couple of minutes on either side the schedule. So be sure to listen in a little bit ahead of time. The second spin will have my interview, the kids and then the song…you REALLY want to hear that one!

7:55 a.m. PT (A Still and Quiet Night only)

9:20 a.m. PT (Interview, 1992 voice overs from kids, A Still and Quiet Night) (Live radio in Vegas, or online anywhere else!)

Where I Am garners #14 slot for Top 20 from September on Woman of Substance Radio and will now enter heavy rotation for the month of October!

Thank you so much for all of your votes!

Top 20 Indie Songs for September 2014

Tivoli Skye Secures the TOP 2 SPOTS!

1. Tivoli Skye – Our Hearts Are One
2. Tivoli Skye – I Am Yours
3. Nikki Nash – Room For Me
4. Mary Kay Maas – Barbie Can’t Stand Up
5. Rece Jay – The Trump
6. PJ Brunson – Free To Choose
7. Voodoo Highway – Walmart Killed Mainstreet
8. Jennifer Jones – Tell Me
9. FUE – Go On
10. Randi Fay – Falling
11. Jenny Van Alstyne – Angel (Sarah McLachlan Cover)
12. FUE – Arms (Christina Perri Cover)
13. Jenna Laurise – You Are My Happy
14. Jen Haugland – Where I Am
15. Kiyomi – Fields Of Gold (Sting Cover)
16. Tandem Rain -Hell To Pay
17. Che-Val – My Beat
18. ces Music – Wicked Game
19. Alanna – Light In Your Eyes (Sheryl Crow Cover)
20. Christine DeMeo – Wear You Down