Women of Substance Radio is debuting my song, So Hard To Find, from my album “Where I Am” this whole week (1/5/15). Here is the WOS Playlist so you know when to listen in! Be sure to vote a “thumbs up” when you hear it! I am #9 out of 17 on the list.

Listen here: Women of Substance Radio

Showtime: 5 p.m. ET/2 p.m. PT

Where I Am garners #14 slot for Top 20 from September on Woman of Substance Radio and will now enter heavy rotation for the month of October!

Thank you so much for all of your votes!

Top 20 Indie Songs for September 2014

Tivoli Skye Secures the TOP 2 SPOTS!

1. Tivoli Skye – Our Hearts Are One
2. Tivoli Skye – I Am Yours
3. Nikki Nash – Room For Me
4. Mary Kay Maas – Barbie Can’t Stand Up
5. Rece Jay – The Trump
6. PJ Brunson – Free To Choose
7. Voodoo Highway – Walmart Killed Mainstreet
8. Jennifer Jones – Tell Me
9. FUE – Go On
10. Randi Fay – Falling
11. Jenny Van Alstyne – Angel (Sarah McLachlan Cover)
12. FUE – Arms (Christina Perri Cover)
13. Jenna Laurise – You Are My Happy
14. Jen Haugland – Where I Am
15. Kiyomi – Fields Of Gold (Sting Cover)
16. Tandem Rain -Hell To Pay
17. Che-Val – My Beat
18. ces Music – Wicked Game
19. Alanna – Light In Your Eyes (Sheryl Crow Cover)
20. Christine DeMeo – Wear You Down

WomenofSubstanceRadioLogoStarting TODAY, my song WHERE I AM is debuting on “What’s on my iPod” show on Women of Substance Radio (online) out of Orange County, CA.

I am 9th in the line-up today and the show starts at 2 p.m. PST/5 p.m. EST. It will continue to debut all this week (Sept 15-19) at the same times and lineup position.

Here is the line-up http://www.wosradio.com/whatsonmyipodshow.htm

You can listen here on your desktop: http://rdo.to/WOSRADIO

OR you can also download their player:
iTunes users
Android users

After this week my song will enter heavy rotation for 2 weeks on WOSRadio. Fans can vote a “thumbs up” for my song by clicking the thumbs up icon while it is playing on the desktop player. You can also request my song (Where I Am) from the desktop player top menu. Songs that receive votes and requests will remain in heavy rotation for an additional two weeks (and possibly longer) and could be considered for the Top 20 which gets posted on the website and linked to the player.

I am very excited as this is a show that spins secular music from great female artists that you have all heard of, (but also includes Christian music programming on Sundays). So the opportunity for “Where I Am” to be listened to as crossover music and to influence many for the sake of the Kingdom is a real blessing.


Be listening starting TODAY and every day the rest of this week! And don’t forget to VOTE each day!

Thank you for your support!!!!
Love, Jen

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