Most Beautiful in All Creation

Having just spent the last couple of days intentionally in God’s creation, I wanted to share a reminder that I always seem to get whenever I am out in it.

I live in one of the most bMost Beautiful PNWeautiful places of the country in the Pacific Northwest (I think – although, Alaska was possibly more beautiful when I lived there). Quite frankly, I see beauty in God’s natural creation wherever I travel. I always find something beautiful about the place I am at, even if it is not necessarily a place I want to live in.

But as I stare at, listen to, feel and absorb all the beauty… God says, “wait…” and I hear Him say… “my children are even more beautiful than all this that I have created.” On the 6th day of creation, when God had created mankind, He said it was “very good”. On all the other days, He said they were “good”. But humans… “very good”…even though in our sin nature we are so corrupt and in need of salvation.

I get seriously inspired by the natural environment around me. I wake up to it every morning right here in my backyard with the view of the mountains and I think of all the things I want to say or write about how wonderful God is and His salvation that He brings. But I must confess, have I looked at people that way? All people? Honestly, not all people inspire me to want to sit down and write a song… or think of how wonderful God is for creating that person. Yet it is so much easier when I look at an ocean, a river, mountains or the lush greenery of a forest. It does not take me long to look at the beauty of creation and be in awe of nature and want to think less of humankind. Such a sad and backwards thinking. I really want to be mindful to reverse that.

“God, help me to see the incredible-ness of your creation in every living soul that You died for; they are most beautiful in all creation. Help me to be inspired to love deeper than I ever have and also more genuinely as one of your own children saved by grace.”