Nashville – Franklin Trip October 2013

I’m a little behind in this update! I wanted to share with you how my last trip to Nashville and Franklin went the beginning of this month.

I actually left the very last weekend of September. This trip was primarily focused on recording vocals for the album with my producer and doing a small add-on photo shoot on location at Dark Horse Recording. I tied it into the Christian Musician Summit (CMS Nashville) at the end of my stay, so I could help volunteer with the Summit and with a couple of classes for Creative Soul Records.

VocalTrackingDarkHorse_Mike_EricProducer Eric & Jen at DarkhorseVocals were recorded by my Producer Eric Copeland and Dark Horse Intern Mike Moore. I was a bit nervous and to lighten things up, a resident pine cone became my comic relief to chillax (you had to be there)! Of course, just being at Dark Horse was exciting and I also was able to meet Robin Crow the builder and owner of the beautiful tucked away recording refuge. It was so peaceful sitting out there on the porch swing during breaks. Eric and Mike were so patient with me as I worked on vocals and it really went well. The guys were awesome! I can’t wait to hear the final project.

Some really big news is that we have an album title! We realized as I sang through all the songs that there was one key phrase that I repeated. One was the title of a song, Where I Am, and the second was the same phrase planted within a different song, The In-Between. It was kind-of a no brainer by that point! Oh yeah… Where I Am!

Erick Anderson of EAFoto came out on Wednesday with his lovely assistant, Ezio (his beautiful white husky pup), to do the photo shoot on location and we have some really nice additional shots to add to the mix. Erick is now getting started on the art design for the album. I am really looking forward to seeing what creative ideas he comes up with!

Jason_Jen_smeditAt CMS Nashville I was blessed to get to meet Jason Webb in person. When I was in Nashville in May, I was able to meet a lot of the guys on the project, but Jason was one I didn’t get to meet. So that was really special for me. He is so amazingly talented on keys! And I really enjoyed my time helping out the guys, Bruce Adolph and Matt Kees, at CMS. I am always so blessed to see their hearts as they support the mission of improving skill and inspiring talent to musicians and worship teams!

I am looking forward to CMS Northwest this year, as it will be my first opportunity to work with Worship Team Training, as an employee and coordinator of the Ministry Mentoring Program (MMP) with Branon Dempsey, CEO & Founder.

So much more has happened since I returned and I can’t wait to update you more on this in my next newsletter!

Blessings to you all!